Our aim is to make the process simple and easy when it comes to placing an order with us. Payment information and instructions will be sent to you based on your preferred method of payment. GBY Liquidations does not accept online payments. If you are a new customer and the order is being shipped within MS, you will also receive a reseller’s permit form to complete if you have a reseller’s permit. If you do not have a reseller’s permit, you can still place your order and regular sales tax will apply. New customers will also receive our Conditions of Purchase agreement which you will need to read, agree to and sign. Orders can be placed:


We welcome customers to our facility. Visit our warehouse anytime during our business hours 5 days a week and purchase the merchandise in person. Own pick-up is available, or we can ship the products to you for an additional fee. To see more information about visiting our facility please click here.


In order to place an order online you must first be registered on our website. Once registered simply browse through our product listings and select “add to cart” for items you wish to order – click here for more info. Once your order is submitted to us, your Account Manager will promptly be in touch to review the order with you and process it for shipment.


To place an order by phone please call us at 800-828-2850 (or +1-228-323-4934 from overseas)


To place an order by fax please fax us at 7-- (or +1-800-828-2850 from overseas)with what you would like to order.


To place an order by email please email your account manager or our general email with what you would like to purchase.


Click the live Chat Link from our website when online.


All goods must be paid for in full prior to shipment or pick-up. We do not offer C.O.D shipments. A 3% fee applies to credit card and/or PayPal payments. Depending on the order amount, the types of goods being purchased and the destination of the goods, we may require additional information from you for the card holder’s protection. Any such requirements will be communicated to you by your Account Manager. Overseasorders cannot usually be paid by credit card. GBY Liquidations reserves the right to refuse credit card payments for certain domestic orders. Checks and PayPal eCheck payments are accepted but your order will only ship after the payment clears.

  • Major Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards (in person)
  • Cash (in person)
  • PayPal
  • Money Orders
  • Bank Deposit
  • Checks
  • Behalf (21 days interest free credit or low interest payment plan)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Other Financing Options
  • ACH (Automatic Clearing House – typically refers to funds being withdrawn from or paid to your bank account)


Unless otherwise agreed all Orders must be paid in full within 48 hours. All Goods Sold AS-IS. Seller makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations, of merchandise fitness or marketability. All Sales are Final. No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges. GBY Liquidations works with a variety of different product conditions & will always stand by our listings and aim to advertise products properly and as accurately as possible. Many of our Listings are un tested Customer Return Loads and as such the product conditions of the items inside the load can vary greatly.

In the liquidation industry, such AS-IS policies are common. In order to reduce costs and keep selling prices low, more often than not liquidated merchandise is bundled together and sold in bulk. Often, different product conditions will be mixed within the same load. Via Trading will either re-process these bulk loads in to smaller wholesale lots or offer them for sale in their entirety to customers. Some lots might be fully manifested down to the size and color while others might be partially manifested, just summarized or completely unmanifested. When working with assorted bulk or smaller wholesale lots it can be very challenging to be specific about:

  • The condition of all items
  • The number of units in any particular pallet or load
  • The exact retail or wholesale value of the lot
  • The manifest or list of items the load or pallet includes
  • The exact working rate or defective rate of the items
  • The exact size or color runs
  • The exact discrepancies to be expected

There is a real risk in purchasing customer returns and to a lesser extent, liquidation merchandise. Customers need to fully assume this risk prior to placing an order.  about the different product conditions we offer and what you can expect to receive. Please also review those Customer Case Studies which beginners in the industry should find very useful.